I’m Jeff Gill. I make Things and believe in Stuff. If you like my Things and can see where I’m coming from with my Stuff, we could create something remarkable together. Give me a shout, or become a patron.



I draw a weekdaily comic called The Misprints. (It’s on Tapas and LINE Webtoon too.)

True fact: you can own your very own The Misprints things.

I write and draw a newsletter of stories, poems and useful ideas for creative people, especially people who teach or work with children.

I also post poems and stories, samples of my design work, ideas and good links on my blog.



🚫 Don’t Dig (in progress) is a graphic novel for young children that people of all ages will love.

👦 The Boy Who Fell to Bits is the very nearly true story of a boy who literally fell to bits. It’s also about recovering from trauma and sadness. (You can most likely buy The Boy Who Fell to Bits from your country’s Amazon.)

💡 Getting Ideas is a silly book that will actually help you get good ideas. (Try before you buy: get the ebook for free.)

🐦 Flock is a completely useless field guide to birds that don’t exist, sort of.


After writing and drawing, helping children realise how great they are at writing and drawing and creating is my very favourite thing in the world. A day trading ideas with a group of primary pupils is a very good day indeed. (Teachers: We always end up with some really strong evidence of learning. Hooray!)

I’d love to spend some time with your school, club or group.

Graphic design

I make the things that help you communicate and sell your things. If you have found the thing you love to do – if you really believe in your product, I would love to talk to you about designing your your logo, book, packaging, trade show stand, words, product name, etc.


I believe in…

(in no particular order)
learning your craft,
paying attention to the details,
good tools,
trying and failing and trying again,
finding the win-win (but if I’ve got it to take sides, I will be with the ones getting squished by the guys at the top),
good typography,
people who invest in children,
being outdoors,
not eating animals,
great music,
empirical evidence,
learning every day,
trying new things,
learning as I go,
great stories told well,
words used effectively,
making good art,
pushing boundaries,
my family, and
Worthington’s White Shield IPA.

Contact me

07748 397156 /