You really are creative and you have a story to tell. I’m not joking. I’ve have never spent time with any human being without discovering something beautiful they have to offer the world. My job is to help you express your creativity. I do it a bunch of ways:

I also make films with this project and talk to audiences. Once, I designed a factory tour. The point of it all is to help you get your creativity flowing and to help you get your story out into the world.

I guess the thing to do now is get in touch. Email Call me on 07748 397156. Subscribe to my newsletter of stories, poems and useful ideas for creative people, especially people who teach or work with children.



I draw a weekdaily comic called The Misprints. (It’s on LINE Webtoon too.)

True fact: you can own your very own The Misprints things.


💭 The Tangled Ball of Everything is a comics anthology that I wrote and drew with Class 4 at Ysgol Yr Wyddfid.

👦 The Boy Who Fell to Bits is the very nearly true story of a boy who literally fell to bits. It’s also about recovering from trauma and sadness. (You can most likely buy The Boy Who Fell to Bits from your country’s Amazon.)

💡 Getting Ideas is a silly book that will actually help you get good ideas. (Try before you buy: get the ebook for free.)

🐦 Flock is a completely useless field guide to birds that don’t exist, sort of.

Graphic design and branding

Your logo, packaging, website, show stand, book, social media and all the other bits and bobs are telling a story about your company. I can help you ensure that your story is true and beautiful and, best of all, effective. Here is some of my work.


Helping people, especially kids, understand how great they are at writing and drawing and creating is one of my favourite things. A day trading ideas with a group of primary pupils is a very good day indeed. (Teachers: We always end up with some really strong evidence of learning. Hooray!) I’d love to spend some time with your school, club or group.