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A poem for commenters on blogs · 27 May 2012

Call to worship

…This is a poem I wrote and performed a few Sundays ago at my … church. The theme that week was worship. This poem sounds best when spoken and shouted aloud, so you … · 23 July 2011

Like 'yeah?' or whatever.

…guy (okay, me) came and did a poetry reading. His poem was about judgemental people. Between stanzas all … Got to Hide Your Love Away. Here is the poem: I’m checking out the people as I walk down … · 10 May 2009


…bloke turns 33 tomorrow! And so….. ...A poem of Jeffness. (ahem) To Jeff a boy of 22 I married … · 16 November 2006

I wanted to write a blog

…out to take pictures…so I shall write a poem. Really, what other choice do I have? A poem of … · 23 April 2007

In which I present a conversation which probably won't get added to the bible

…different. Do you want me to change the poem? I’ll change it. It’s not like it rhymes anyway. … · 27 August 2011

If Dr Seuss wrote the bible it would be better than this, but I still think you should read this poem aloud to your children

…fish and some grits. And if you think that this poem is ending, yes, it’s. … · 14 April 2013

The Cloud of Unknowing, a poem with only one rhyme and a disappointing end · 7 June 2013

Hooray for Victorian morality tales

…pond and did and drowned’. This poem is my silly homage to the genre. It was read and … painter. There’s a lesson to learn in this poem, like all Victorian tales. Learn this lesson; … · 19 November 2007

Encounter with Jesus

…Heretic . Once I stirred it around enough, this poem came out. I performed it this morning at church. … · 6 November 2011

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