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The reunion of Elephant and Mouse

Savour the joy!

Ink, blackberries, mashed rose hips, smushed fuchsia flowers, splotched rowan berries and dirt tempera on watercolour paper. (People who are subscribed to my email list got to see how I did it. They’re super lucky.)

20 August 2015
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A thing about being a grown-up is, I think…

… defining yourself by who you are, rather than by who you are not. After that, maybe, is a comfortableness and confidence that allows you to simply be without the need to add definitions.

13 June 2012
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Jeff gets a curriculum 2

My curriculum post a few days ago was not just about proving that I can still write like a 15 year-old smart alec. There was a point, and it is this: Take a look at the things you are teaching or the way you are doing your job or the way you are running your organisation. Is your activity centred on a life-giving core? (Yes, I know ‘life-giving core’ is a weird phrase, but I can’t think of anything better yet.) Does the Way you are doing connect directly with your Inspiration for doing? Are you spending your time being connected and connecting other people to the life-giving core? Or are you spending most of your time caught up in layers of stuff that seem necessary but are really distractions and inspiration killers? Maybe it is time to take a look at why you teach and work and lead and then strip off anything that does directly connect the the Why.

Also, I wrote that post because for me working from the bible itself is much more inspiring that any curriculum I’ve ever looked at.

23 November 2008
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A letter to my September self

Hiya, older person.

It’s September and there’s a chance that you already have a cold and there’s a heaviness on your shoulders and your neck feels like a rod of iron – if rods of iron were filled with nerves and could ache like crazy. Your brain feels fuzzy, the kids are louder and more problematic than they usually are – at least that’s how it seems.

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28 March 2008
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